List Of Few Online Free Movies To Watch On 123movies Movies

With the extensive spread of online streaming apps and websites like 123movies, the world is only a click away. We can watch any movie or series we want but some of us have a budget and cannot spend on the monthly and yearly subscriptions. Here is a list of some great 123movies movies to watch without the hassle of payment.

Go Goa Gone

This movie is the first Indian zombie comedy. The movie is about three guys and a girl stranded on an island in Goa, where a newly launched drug has turned the entire population into zombies. These four people are assisted by Saif Ali Khan, who claims to be a Russian drug dealer, to escape. The movie will not only tickle your funny bones but also gives you a good scare at certain times.


This movie is about an ordinary cable guy deceiving the police to hide a murder committed by his family. This thriller is a gem in 123movies movies. This movie will keep you on the edge as you keep on wondering what the truth is.

Table No. 21

Many might not have heard about this movie but this is a great film. It may seem violent how a couple is forced to do a series of unpleasant and demeaning tasks but actually, it deals with bullying and harassment. It is a story about a father who takes revenge on his son’s bullies in college, who left him almost paralysed.

The Girl in Yellow Boots

The movie is an unconventional portrayal of the harsh reality in its rawness. Anurag Kashyap beautifully captures the struggles of living in a metropolitan city without the silver linings. The story revolves around a British girl who is in search of her father and falls prey to the dark abyss of crime.

Bhaag Milkha Bhaag

Bhaag Milkha Bhaag is a biopic made on the athlete, Milkha Singh, who was the first individual to achieve a gold medal in the Common Wealth Games and set a record for India which was held for forty years. This movie fully action packed and motivates you to do better against all odds. The story starts from Milkha’s childhood, the partition of India and his struggles as an orphan and his rise to fame in athletics.

These are the top 123movies movies you can watch. You can Google these movie names under online free movies and they will direct you to 123movies site.

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