123movies: The New Streaming Trend!

How did it begin?

It all began when video streaming giants in foreign countries (USA, UK) started gaining popularity to the extent that Indian production houses started setting up their streaming platforms. Not much later, when the streaming companies entered India, they started making their content in Indian languages collaborating with national artists and took movie streaming to the level where it began to trend.

Gaining momentum

India is such a vast nation in terms and popularity and the fact that the whole country loves cinema, it was a place to market the business of “content”. Short films, series of multiple episodes, full-length movies were an instant hit on 123movies. People would now prefer watching these “online movies” at their comfort, in their homes and at the time of their preference.

The Business:

With streaming platforms coming into the picture, movie producers have got more relieved to cover the budgets of their movies by selling copyrights to these platforms. Even if a movie doesn’t do well at the Box-office, it almost recovers its money through online streaming.

Following are the two major sources of income for streaming platforms:

  1. By selling subscriptions/memberships to users:

In this source of income, the user contributes to the revenue by buying the membership to view content. There are different types of memberships based on the type of content the user wants to view as well as the period for its accessibility. These subscriptions come with various other advantages as streaming platforms have brand integrations which provide the user with all-round benefits.

  1. Advertisements:


Ads provide for most of the revenue for streaming platforms. Not every user viewing the content buys the membership, but, for every user viewing the ad plays a major role in adding up to the income. In many cases, ads cover up more than enough profit for the streaming platform to be sustainable.

Effects on Users

With the internet boom in India, online streaming is only becoming more popular and easily accessible. Growth of online movies means an increase in competitors for providing the services which directly adds up to consumers benefit as every provider would come up with cheaper and better plans for viewers. Overall, the audience is a winner here. Earlier when people couldn’t watch movies in theatres, they had to wait for months for it to be telecasted on television. Today, people have access to movies within weeks of release with the help of 123movies.

This was the showcase of all sides about online movies and how it has already become a trend.