Additional Benefits Of The Shatter Pen Canada

The shatter pen is filled with concentrated cannabis. It has a battery attached. The concentrate in the pen is heated instead of burning. The output of the pen is vapor and not smoke. The shatter pen Canada is held by hand and there is a lack of smoke. This makes it perfect for the newbies of cannabis. Health-conscious smokers prefer the shattered pen.

Main Types of Cannabis

For recreational and medicinal purposes, the Sativa and indica are used. They are the strain type of the shattered pen.

  • Sativas

It can help to reduce stress or anxiety. It increases the focus and creativity of the individual. The effect of Sativa is invigorating.

  • Indices

It is associated with effects on the full body. It increases deep relaxation. It also reduces insomnia.

Way to Consume Cannabis

In the Cannabis community, Vaping is a hot topic. Vaping cannabis is considered trendy, discrete and fun by the people of the Cannabis community. In the market in Canada, there are many new vaporizers. There are shatter pens, CBD vape oil vaporizers, and disposable vape pens. The consumer chooses the cannabis product which suits best to their needs. There are many pros and cons of Disposable vape pens. Some of the advantages are-

  • The battery of the disposable vape pens does not require charging.
  • There is no need for maintaining the disposable vape pen.
  • There is no need to clean the disposable vape pen.
  • Compared to the prefilled cartridges, the disposable vape pen is better prized.

Some of the disadvantages are-

  • Since the battery of the disposable vape pen is not reusable, the entire vape pen is thrown away.
  • This leads to the creation of more waste.
  • There are few disposable vape pen manufacturers who have recycling programs. The customer can bring back the disposable vape pen after use, to the dispensary, from where they purchased it.
  • Not every vape pen brands have recycling programs.  For more info visit

In recent years, smokers have become health conscious. They choose products that have herbs. They are avoiding the different forms of combustion and toxins. They are choosing their favorite herb flavor. The shatter pen Canada is available in many shapes, designs and sizes. They are portable and it gives you the freedom to vape anywhere. It has fewer toxins and more herbs. There is less smoke, this attracts the cannabis smoker. The benefits of vaping the shatter pens are enjoyed by the community of Cannabis.