As an American who is traveling to Kiev, Ukraine- what you should know

When you are traveling to a foreign country, it is a thrill itself. You get to see new locations, meet new people, eat new food- all a package of gaining new experiences. Ukraine is a very vibrant and creative city.

Kiev, Ukraine

Kiev is one of its most famous locations known today. The people here are also very open-minded and kind that you will feel just like you are in your own hometown. The buildings are somewhat very uniform in grey color but the inside living look is filled with colors. The personality as we speak of people is very strong and tough. You will find young kids playing and cycling around the whole town while adults sit together on a round table laughing and discussing their topics.

What you should know as an American tourist

There are some things that you should keep in your mind before flying off to Kiev when you ask yourself, “What should I know as an American traveling to Live, Ukraine?

  • The language spoken there is Ukrainian or Russian. So find a guide or a companion there who speaks English.
  • It is safe there. But you should always be careful about not wandering around in the streets and neighborhood you don’t know being drunk.
  • Get a sim card as you reach with a local plan.
  • You can use Uber and Uclon for travels.
  • Try their cuisine.
  • Make sure that you visit all the sightseeing spots.

So these are some points that you should remember when you are flying to Kiev. These will help you.