Have Any Celebrities Been To Jail?

Stardom and celebrity status comes with its own price that has to be paid. Many celebrities who take a special place in the hearts of people locally and globally have a dark past that they wish they could have avoided. As everyone is aware of the fact that everyone is equal in the eyes of law and so when it comes to serving sentences in the prison, there is certainly no distinction made between these celebrities and any ordinary citizen of the country. The following article shall guide you about some of the most popular celebrities who have been sentenced to prison for different crimes.

  • Robert Downey Jr. – our very own iron man certainly tops the list of the celebrities who have been to prison during their life. Robert has served his sentencing for almost a year in the late 90s where he also had to attend a treatment facility. He was booked on account of drug usage and payroll violations.
  • Sean Penn– another celebrity who had to go to prison for violations of law was Sean Penn who was booked for hitting one of the extras on his film set. He was sentenced in prison for 60 days by the court but came out early.
  • Lindsay Lohan- this famous actor and public figure also had a dark past and had to go to jail due to violations of many laws.

Thus, it is a true fact that life in front and back of the camera is quite different for these celebrities.