What are some alternatives to Google Finance?

Once upon a time, Google Finance was the go-to finance online site for all Financer’s. Google Finance is a website focusing on business news, financial information, all that would keep you on top of all things Finance hosted by Google. However, since the recent update, google finance has been nothing but a disappointment. Which is why we are in dire need of a new alternative to the Google finance site.

There are plenty of sides outside of Google forum that claims to provide similar and better services than the famous and reliable google finance. Here are a few alternatives that may benefit you besides the now so disappointing Google Finance.

Msn Money: surprisingly Microsoft is able to one-up Google with this website. There is plenty of data to look at, and this information is nicely put under different tabs such as price range, dividend, etc. easy to maintain and search.
Yahoo Finance: Yahoo and Google are rival competitors and usually Google is winning the war especially with its search engine and mail, however, Yahoo takes the lead in finance website. It seems to be a better alternative than Google, however, at times it may look a little overwhelming to work with, as the interface may be a little tricky.

Investing.com: has a wealth of financial information to offer and can help with research related to financing and more. It may take a while to initially get a hang of it but once it is done all seems easy and is wonderful to work with since it has a plethora of knowledge from all over.
While there may be more sites and pages offering great finance help and knowledge it is reviewed that the best alternative so far for google finance is Msn Money.