What is the purpose of mock drafts in fantasy sports?

There is a proverb “Practice makes a man perfect” and in here mock refers to practice. Also, fantasy sports are a type of online game where the players who are playing it makes a virtual team compete against other teams. A Mock draft is a type of practicing the fantasy sport which alerts fantasy players to other players to know their actual position where they are going to be finally and drafted.


Now, what is the purpose of mock drafts in fantasy sports?


You must have watched biddings of different premier leagues. How do you know which player will be going to be selected for which team? You see it either on magazines or come to know about it online. Before the players are finally drafted to the respective teams, a mock draft takes place which is helpful for the fans in predicting as in which team their favorite players will be finally drafted too.


Mock drafts are created almost for every sport, but it holds a majority of commonplace for the National Football League or NFL. From the mock draft, you can predict and spectate as where the players will be drafted but it can be changed in the final drafting of players. The online mock drafts can be used in the ranking of dozens of players according to their positions either for the same season of the game or for future. Before the final drafting of players to their respective teams, mock drafts are a way to practice before someone’s pride or money on the line.