Wooden Blinds In Singapore

Using Wooden Blinds Singapore for an attractive and contemporary appearance for your property while still ensuring optimum security and privacy. Whether you are installing the window at the house, the commercial office or even the humble bathroom, the Wooden blinds singapore by Vietcis is an ideal option for your interior decoration. It is made of natural wood and so therefore, easy to maintain and long lasting.

The product comes with multiple colors and shades to meet the needs of any home or office decor. The range of color includes earth tones such as beige, brown and grey to light colors like purple and blue. The range of shade also includes colors like black, white and other bright tones. Wood texture provides a unique appeal. It is highly durable, lightweight, cool and resilient. It will enhance the beauty of the room where it is installed and make it look very attractive.

In addition to the above mentioned features, wooden material is also resistant to water, dust and wear and tear. These characteristics make it an ideal window treatment solution for all kinds of premises. Wood type also helps in maintaining the temperature inside the room and hence, it can be used to reduce air conditioning cost. They are also available in different sizes and therefore, it is easy to find one that suits your room’s dimensions.

The installation of Wooden Blinds Singapore is not very difficult and requires only basic carpentry skills. You can either do the installation yourself or take the help of professional in this regard. Wooden blinds are also available in different colors and styles. Some of the popular ones include the Roman, Cappuccino and the Victorian.

Wooden Blinds Singapore is also available in different prices. There are varieties of wooden shades in the market that suit different budgets. However, before buying, it is essential that you should know your exact requirements so that you can go for the right kind of blinds. If you want something less expensive, then you can buy the bamboo or rattan ones.

All in all, Wooden Blinds Singapore is a perfect option for those who want to enhance the beauty of their homes. You can find them in many stores across the country and they are quite popular. Wooden Blinds can be bought from many online stores as well.

Wooden Blinds are highly durable and hence it is one of the best options to go for. They are also flexible and give you the flexibility to change them as per the season and need. Wooden blinds are usually made up of different wood and each of them is used for giving some special effects. You can have the choice of using the wood of various branches of mahogany, ebony and even the pine.

Wood is generally made up of two types – basswood and white. Basswood is the softest of all the wood types and is therefore more expensive than the white type. White wood is the lightest of all the woods and is the most commonly used wood for making the wooden blinds in Singapore. Wooden blinds are also available in the market in various shapes. Some of the common shapes are the octagon, the oval and the square. You can select the blinds as per the interior of your house and interiors of your room.